Asaria (lizard182) wrote,

"I talk to no one. I will say nothing. I know whut I believe no need to wear it on my sleeve." -VotB

Meh, i figure it's about time to update again. Joann is in the hospital yet again. I guess i'm going to see her morrow. Then chill with David and Lyz. Oh yeah.. Take my quiz thinger. Um... There isn't a whole lot to say. I haven't been really doing anything aside from seeing Lyz and David just abuot everyday. UM... let's see... I woke up... Gary was here... I played with the twins and all. They left... I watched tv and talked to David... got off the phone... Talked to Lyz.... then three-wayed Harrison... then did this. So yeah... life's not all that interesting right now. One thing I have learned today... I miss Harrison's dumb ass.

What else... hmmm... yesterday was 5 months for me and David ^^. Yay. Doesn't seem like it's been that long, yet it seems like it's been fucking forever at the same time, in a good way i mean.

Umm... I have to go to the doctor on Wed. for my knee. It's getting all swollen n shyt. My arthritis in coming back. It's happened before. Always my knee damnit. Anyways... see. My life isn't that entertaining.

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